Lose Weight Just By Pressing This Point Near Your Ear

Diet charts, treadmills, aerobics ...sometimes, it becomes a pain in the back (and literally, in most parts of the body!) to lose weight.

Especially if you are a foodie and can’t control those fancy desires of eating a cheesecake or a chicken roll at random hours.

Slowly and gradually, your whole workout routine turns into a nightmare. 

Enter: acupressure.

The good news is that apart from easing nausea, vomiting, lower back pain, and headaches, acupressure is also helpful in losing weight.

It turns out that a simple technique of acupressure can help you control your appetite and hunger, while at the same time improving your digestion.

How, you ask?

Spare a few minutes from your pretending-to-be-busy schedule and place your thumb in front of the triangular shaped tissue near you ear. 

Now open and close your jaw and find a point where it has maximum movement. 

That is the most active point between your ear and your jaw.

Now stop right there, press that point for at least a minute, and you’re done.

Combine this technique with healthy eating habits and moderate exercise and see yourself lose weight naturally.

Source: Cure Joy

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