5 Reasons Why Eating Too Fast is Never Healthy!

Before one blames their jelly-like midsection, widened waistline, fattened face, etc. on the food they eat, it's important to assess the way he or she eats to begin with. Perhaps speedy and mindless eating is the real culprit here. We're here to explain why the epic acts of eating fast as possible, are better left for Coney Island and it's band of misfit hot dog eating champions.

What Happens When You Eat Too Fast

Whether you hit the snooze button one too many times amid a particularly sleepy early work morning, setting yourself up for a hyperspeed-paced breakfast, you must be aware of the fact that shoveling any amount of food down your throat can lead to some serious problems.

You Can Upset Your Stomach

Eating too fast increases your risk of indigestion and often causes heartburn. That particular kind of indigestion you experience when you eat too fast is called gastroesophagal reflux. It is a health condition which causes burning in the throat and the chest. In severe cases it also narrows the oesophagus, thus making it difficult for you to swallow food. Heartburn or acid reflux is sometimes also mistaken for a heart attack due to the pain, discomfort and irritability it causes. Therefore eat slowly to avoid that painful and uncomfortable bowel sensation and stave off the unwanted, entirely upset stomach.

Overeating and Weight Gain

Scarfing food leads to excessive eating, and eventually weight gain; but here's how: your stomach and brain work in coordination to control your appetite. It takes twenty minutes for your stomach to communicate to your brain, and indicate that you have consumed enough food. Your brain basically signals you to stop eating. But when you become engrossed in stuffing food, the tuning between your mind and stomach goes awry because you tend to cram yourself with too many calories before your mind can halt the self-destructive process. Perhaps this is the reason why it is referred to as mindless eating.

Don’t fill your stomach with emotional eating. You eat fast because you rely on your emotional eating, instead of your brain alarms which signal you when to halt eating. Therefore you end up eating too much food, and ultimately, unfortunately, gain weight.

You Lose the Zest of Cuisine

Don’t deprive yourself of the flavor, aroma and charm of the food plated before you by eating in a rushed fashion. Enjoy your food and relish each bite. Take the time to appreciate the competing complex flavors. Don’t rush your food--we'll keep on with repeating this. Give yourself a moment of relaxation and your stomach a streak of easy times. Eat slowly yet mindfully. Mindful and easy eating helps you eat less, while enhancing the pleasure of dining.

Food is usually eaten swiftly while you are working at the desk or driving from point a to point b. When your attention is divided you tend to eat more and this excessive eating does not give you much time to enjoy your food.

Benefits of Eating Slow
  • Easy healthy eating keeps you away from stomach discomforts.
  • It helps you enjoy your food.
  • It gives you a toned and trimmed waistline.
  • Slow eating helps your body absorb more nutrients from your food.
  • You eat fast due to business or famishment (or in worst cases-both) to experience the delicious dining pleasure. Have you ever thought about what happens to your body when you gobble down all that food like a starved turkey? Do your body some favors by slowing down your consumption. Savor the flavor and relish every bite!

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