6 Good Reason Why You Want to Eat Your Apples UNPEELED!

Apple peel contains many fibers, vitamins, protects from cancer and this is not everything.

Apple peel contains many various beneficial ingredients and this is a reason why you shouldn’t peel your apple before consuming it.

The peel has many fibers.

Whole apple in average contains 4.4 g of fibers and without the peel that value is reduced to 2.1 g.

There are many vitamins in the peel.

A whole apple contains 8.4 mg of vitamin C and 98 international units of vitamin A. When we remove the peel those values are reduced to 6.4 mg of vitamin C and 61 international units of vitamin A.

Apples will protect you only if you consume them with peel.

A compound which is responsible for easing the process of breathing when consuming an apple is called quercetin and as you guess it is found in the peel. A research showed that the people who eat five or more apples a week have healthier lungs thanks to the effects of this compound.

Quercetin is also good for your memory

This antioxidant has a great role in the fight against tissue damaging in the brain and it is related to Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative diseases.

Apple peel works as preventive from cancer

Compounds, which have the common name triterpenoid and are located in the peel, have the power to inhibit or kill the cancer cells. These compounds are best against liver, colon and breast cancer.

Successful fighter against obesity

The apple peel also contains ursolic acid which is an important compound in the fight against obesity. It encourages the increase of muscles but burns calories and decreases the risk of obesity.

Source: Natural Healing Magazine

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