8 Reasons Why Crying is Actually Healthy!

We are all born crying but from some reason as we grow old we consider crying as a sign of weakness in men and women. However, the natural need for crying is in fact good for our brain, body and soul in many ways. Don’t keep the tears because that may harm you.

Here is what happens when we cry:

1. Detoxification

We don’t cry only when we are sad. Crying is as well a physical impulse related with too much stress. When we cry our body gets rid of corisol, a hormone related to stress that potentially may harm your health when it’s level is not balanced. Chronically high levels of cortisol may cause many discomforts such as sleeping problems, problems with the immune system and pilling up of fat in the area of the waist.

2. The bacteria in your body gets destroyed

Your tears remove all the bacteria in your eyes. This is because the tears contain lysozyme (also known as “antibiotic of the body”), hormone which may be found in mother’s breast milk and saliva. When you cry lisozyme is released and it kills 90% of the bacteria on its way. That means that crying not only releases toxins from the body but it also destroys other toxins which are found on the body’s surface.

3. Your sight improves

It happened to all of us our eyes to be tired and blurred when we get home after we spent the whole day at work. During the day, the eye membrane dries which makes it harder for the eyes to focus. The tears hydrate those membranes, revitalize the eyes and your sight becomes clear again.

4. Your mood improves

With the help of a good cry we get rid of stress because certain hormones are released in the body and all of this has a positive effect on our mood. A research conducted in 2008 on the University of South Florida showed that 90% of the people who cried in stressful situations felt great relief and mood improvement. People who don’t cry lack this “vent” when they are facing difficult life situations.

5. You face your own emotions

People who say that they never cry, probably lie to themselves and others that they have something that important to cry for. All of us have something that can make us cry (especially women when have misbalanced levels of hormones during PMS), and that is not something we should be ashamed from. Facing with emotional crisis is difficult enough by itself and holding the tears in those moment just because “what will others think/say” has no sense and only increases stress.

6. Crying is powerful form of communication

When somebody near you starts to cry, instinctively you know that something is wrong. In this situation you don’t need words in order to feel somebody else’s sadness or frustration. Crying sometimes may “give away” that we pretend that something is alright but tears show that we are hurt and sad. Tears may give an insight in the real thought of some people and may start deep and much needed debate among friends, lovers and spouses.

7. It keeps us from irritation

Tears don’t come only when we are sad. They are a natural defense of the body when a foreign body touches the eye. When dust, sand or eyelash enter your eye, a natural reaction of the body is to make your eyes wet. In that way the eye membrane protects the eye from damages and infections. The reason why tears appear when you cut onion is due to the fact that this vegetable emits gas which “attacks” the eyes and tears fight this irritant. (So it is very important that before cutting the onion to put it in the fridge or soak it in cold water)

8. Improves the well being of the whole body

We have already established that crying may be useful for our health in many ways – improves the mood, decreases the level of stress and protects the eyes from bacteria. Bud did you know that tears from an emotional crying contain 24% more protein albumin than any other crying? This helps the regulation of the metabolism. Crying may help in the fight against some other diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

Source: Natural Healing Magazine