9 Stretches in 9 Minutes For Complete Lower Back Pain Relief

If your lifestyle is sedentary or active then probably you face with pain in back. Yes, it can be caused by both. For aches, stiffness and spasm relief both stretching and any kind of exercise can be helpful.

Here are 9 different stretches which can be done in nine minutes and that will make your back stronger and fitter.

Practice these exercises often, few times a day and in case pain is present during one of them, stop.

Knee Hugs –Take one knee and bring it towards your chest, hold it for few seconds, return it to the ground and repeat the same with other leg.

Knee rolling – Draw your feet from the face up position and let them drop to one side, return them to normal position and repeat the same on the opposite side.

Side bending 1 – Stand on plain ground, run hand down leg so that your spine will bend on sideways, make sure you do not bend or twist.

Cat stretch – Place yourself in “baby crawl” position and push your head back, drop back downwards and slowly push bottom rearwards.

Rotation – Lie on the floor and place your hands on the base of your neck. Touch slowly your left elbow with your right knee and next bring back your elbows to the middle and repeat the same on the opposite side.

Side bending 2 – Stand on firm surface, lean yourself against the wall and hold a straight position for a few seconds. Next move the pelvis away from the wall by bending the spine.

Abdominal exercise – On a chair, bent at the knee by supporting your legs. Sit up next by bringing the knees to the elbows. Try to not touch them.

Abdominal sides – First arch back up, push bottom down, hold it for couple of seconds and then relax yourself. Second, lift bottom up for a little and then push back down and reduce the arch.

Bottom walking – Sit on the floor and swing on one side of pelvis forwards, use your hands and feet for support and be followed by the other side.

Source: Health & Love Page

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