Beware of These Conditions! You May Have Liver Damage!

The liver is one of the most important and strongest organs in the body that takes care of many essential processes such as stores glycogen (a type of sugar for vitality), makes bile which is needed for nutrient absorption, and cleanses the blood.

Since the liver is so imperative to our health, it’s essential to pay attention if there is an issue with it. It’s very easy to get harmed and many people experience a damaged liver and while it can repair itself, there is sometimes a point where it can’t repair. It’s important to acknowledge some of the signs that it is not operating properly.

1. Yellow Skin

The yellow stain means that the body is likely developing bilirubin which is a form of bile. This is a result of the liver not being able to get rid of the toxins it needs to. Bile is formed in the liver and it helps in its normal processes. However, when the liver is damaged, it can’t eliminate the bilirubin and it then gathers in the blood and at that time the skin starts to become noticeable on the tips of the fingers, toes, fingernails, and the eyes.

2. Changes in Your Toilet Waste

Additionally, there may be changes in the urine and fecal matter. If it is an odd color, has changes in consistency, is foamy, or of your fecal matter is pale, it’s best to go get it all checked out.

3. Bloating

If you bloat almost immediately, there may be liver damage. Since it holds liquids, it just may seem it’s your stomach but in fact, it’s the liver.

4. You Feel Pain

If you have cramping or sharp shooting pains in your mid-region of your stomach, you also may have trouble with your liver.

5. Vomiting and Indigestion

You may have additional heartburn or acid reflux because a damaged liver pushes the digestive juices to the throat. Sometimes it can even prompt vomiting.

If you are experiencing any of these signs or even multiple ones, visit a specialist as soon as possible.

Source: Mr Healthy Life

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