Curved Spines? Never Too Late if You Do This Basic Posture Exercises!

Curved Spine Is Neither Pretty Nor Healthy – With This Exercise You Can Improve Your Posture

Surely you remember that whilst you were growing up, your mother and your school teacher frequently warned you to keep your body straight, and some of you were perhaps made to balance a heavy book on your head. As much as you were fed up with their comments about your sitting or standing posture, they were nevertheless right about it.

Curved spine is not a pretty sight and we are all aware of it. Rounded shoulders and curved spine are not things that complement your body. But why is this occurrence so widespread, especially in young people? Probably because naturally, humans’ front part of the upper body is more developed than their back. Therefore, back muscles have to be developed continually and by doing this the burden on the spine will be reduced and walking straight will be easier.

This exercise will help you strengthen your back muscles:

Lie down on your stomach with your face down. Slowly lift the front part of your body with your head up, as high as you can. Fixate your arms on your hips and hold in this position for a while. This exercise activates most of the muscles in the body and therefore you will feel tension. Make ten repetitions.

This will be enough for a first time. If you repeat this exercise every day, and if you continually increase the number of repetitions, your back will soon straighten up. In addition, you will forget about pains in your back and in your neck. You will obtain a straight posture of your body and will feel much better and healthier.

It is also very important that you know that the curved and slumped spine affects the function of all inner organs. In fact, poor posture compresses the chest, burdens the lungs, the liver and the heart. When your back is straight, you are healthier, prettier and much more confident.

Additional motivation for women: When your back is straight and your shoulders lifted up, your breasts look bigger.

Source: FashionMg-Style

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