8 Surprising Ways How Turning Your Body Upside Down Can Improve Your Health

Inverted poses are extremely popular in yoga. As a matter of fact, headstands are considered the center of yoga poses. Whether or not you are a yoga enthusiast, you may find it surprising how this particular pose has a number of great health benefits, which include the following:

#1: Eliminates toxins

When you invert your body, blood rushes to your lymphatic system, which works to get rid of toxins in the bloodstream. Doing a headstand can stimulate and intensify the process, so your body removes the toxins faster and easier.

#2: Improves focus

Inverted poses are equivalent to the brain’s reset button, which means brain function is increased and results to clearer thoughts.

#3: Relieves stress

Headstands are generally performed in yoga to alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress. Do a headstand while breathing deeply and slowly to get rid of stress.

#4: Boosts sex drive

This particular pose stimulates blood flow to both the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. As a result, your love hormones are refreshed, giving you a much improved sex life. Plus, it creates positive thoughts by relieving you from depression.

#5: Improves digestion

Digestive tracks are reversed when you do a headstand, which encourages blood flow to the organs in this system. Materials that have been trapped in the digestive track will be released out of the body. Your colon and intestines will be much cleaner, so you become healthier. To improve your digestion, breathe into your diaphragm as you perform a headstand, which will strengthen the effects.

#6: Improves skin and scalp health

Because headstands are inverted positions, blood flow will temporarily be directed to your head and face. Oxygen and several nutrients will reach the upper part of the body, giving you a nice glow after a headstand and even prevents gray hair from growing rapidly.

#7: Enhances core, arms, and shoulder strength

A proper headstand requires you to use your arms, core, and shoulders which would take most of your weight. This pose is almost equivalent to other workouts that help strengthen these parts of the body.

#8: Decreases risk of ischemic stroke

Several studies have shown just how rarely this type of stroke occurs in people who do headstands. Ischemic stroke takes place when there is obstruction that hinders the supply of blood to the brain.

These eight benefits are enough to get you into the habit of performing a headstand at least every morning. Regularly doing this particular inverted pose can strengthen the physical and psychological benefits that will improve your overall well-being.

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