Include This in Your Daily Meal to Slowly Cure Prostate and Ovarian Cancer

Ginger is becoming popular due to its powerful anti-cancer effects. It contains several active compounds, such as gingerols, paradols, and shagaols, which helps to fight against cancer.

Many studies have proved that ginger is very effective in killing cancer cells in prostate, ovarian and colon cancer. They also believe that the anti-cancer properties of ginger can be even stronger than chemotherapy.

Ginger Kills Prostate Cancer Cells

In a study contributed in the British Journal of Nutrition, scientists demonstrated that the active compounds in ginger lessened the spread of tumor and that they destroy malignancy cells.

Scientist also showed that the utilization of ginger for cancer did not affect the other cells in the body that need to separate quickly, similar to the bone and stomach cells.

This may make ginger more better that chemotherapy since chemotherapy does affect these and other healthy cells in the body.

Ginger Kills Ovarian Cancer Cells

The researchers demonstrated that the active compounds in ginger root had anti-angiogenic properties and that they successfully prevent cancer cells from growing.

According to some research, ginger also destroys tumor cells and that dissimilar to chemotherapy, ovarian cancer cells do not get to be resistant to this kind of therapy.

Ginger Kills Colon Cancer Cells

Based in some research in the year 2003, researchers have shown significant evidence that ginger helps to fight against colon cancer.

In the year 2015, a study published that ginger is not only beneficial for the prevention of colon cancer, but that this root can destroy existing colorectal cancer cells. It actually makes ginger therapeutic option for those who struggle with colon cancer.

Generally, it is recommended to take at least 4 grams of ginger per day, except for pregnant women, who should in fact limit the intake to 1 gram per day.

Source: Healthy & Natural World

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