Tea Leaves vs Coffee Beans, Which One’s Better for Health?

It seems like there is a new health fad at least every week. When something becomes quite popular, all of a sudden everyone is into it. Some trends aren’t truly healthy, but there are also ones that are beneficial for us.

Right now, everyone seems to like teas. Just a few years ago, coffee was the favorite drink. Whether it’s Americano or espresso, everyone seemed to be into coffee. But these days, tea is the hot one even though this is quite ironic since it has been around for centuries.

Why is Tea Suddenly Superior?

Tea has a lot of health benefits, including being rich in antioxidants. It can help calm you down, especially when you’re stressed out. When it comes to caffeine, it won’t let you down as it slowly releases caffeine. It is the beverage that can improve your health, focus, and your life.

While tea and coffee can still complement each other, there is something in tea that outplays coffee – and it’s where it really counts.

Both tea and coffee are great pick-me-ups, but tea trumps coffee because of the following points:

  • In terms of caffeine content, it turns out that tea actually has the right amount of caffeine, so that you can get through the day.
  • It is true that coffee has many health benefits, just like tea. However, the problem with the former is that it has higher amounts of caffeine and at the same time, it is acidic. Too much acid can cause acid reflux and even worse problems, such as ulcer.
  • Tea is actually really diverse. There are more flavors than the regular ones you know about, including some really strange yet great-tasting flavors, such as carrot curry, fennel spice, spicy mango, and cotton candy.
  • Tea also has catechins, which are antioxidants that are truly beneficial for our health. The type of catechins you get from your tea will depend on the variety you drink. For example, matcha tea contains catechin epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCg), which has cancer-fighting properties.

When it comes to their raw forms, tea leaves contain more caffeine compared to coffee beans. But when they are prepared, most of us dilute tea more than coffee. Most of us throw away the tea leaves before we drink tea though, which is why we feel like coffee is more stimulating than tea.

If you want more caffeine in your tea, do not let the tea bag sit in the water for a long time. Instead, use tea leaves and add more if you’re looking for a stronger jolt.

Source: Steth News