Top 10 Breakfast Smoothies to Lose Weight

Maintaining a fit physique is a tough job especially for those who have already gone beyond the normal weight. In fact, exercise in the morning will not be enough. You have to boost it up by revving up your metabolism first thing in the morning. One good start that you can try is enjoying diet with breakfast smoothies. These indulgence will satiate you for longer hours while burning those excess fats.

Top 10: Banana Bread Smoothie

If you are looking for a delightful taste and aroma, then make a banana bread smoothie. This breakfast shake contains low calories, but rich in good fats, protein, and fiber. Nonetheless, this is a perfect formula to energize your day.

Top 9: Metabolism-Boosting Smoothie

The ingredients of a smoothie are the secret in burning fats. Some of the ingredients that you can include in your delightful smoothies are almonds, broccoli, Greek yogurt, high-fiber strawberries, and cinnamon.

Top 8: Papaya Smoothie

If you often attend parties, you might be taking in too much air or food. To aid your digestion, just take in a glass of papaya smoothie.

Top 7: Sweet Spinach Smoothie

Get your metabolism into motion with a yummy green spinach smoothie. This fat-burning indulgence is packed with calcium, fiber, and protein which are all essential for fast metabolism.

Top 6: Vegan Milkshake Smoothie

If you want some tasty dessert in the morning, you should whip on a vegan milkshake smoothie. This mouth-watering shake will surely delight your taste buds and help rev up your metabolism with its high-protein content.

Top 5: Flat-Belly Smoothie

The stomach is often the site where fats are usually stored. Kick off those ugly fats by starting the day right with a flat-belly smoothie. Not only that, it will also re-energize you for longer hours.

Top 4: Apple-Cinnamon Smoothie

For busy individuals, you can try out the apple-cinnamon smoothie. In just a few minutes, you can make your very own tasty weight loss recipe.

Top 3: Chia Berry Smoothie

You can get extra perks with a chia berry shake. These wondrous seeds are abundant in fiber and protein that will eventually give your metabolism a boost. Not only that, it will make your skin smooth and vibrant because of its antioxidants.

Top 2: Berry Breakfast Shake

Another quick recipe for burning fats is the berry shake. This healthy smoothie is rich in fiber which keeps you satiate for longer hours.

Top 1: Apple Flaxseed Cinnamon Shake

Apple and cinnamon are known to improve body’s fat burning capabilities. By adding flaxseed into your weight loss shake, you will get something greater in return. In fact, the apple flaxseed cinnamon shake will keep hunger pangs at bay.

Shake Off Those Fats

Without a doubt, smoothies are recipes geared towards a healthier you. Start taking them in and shake off those unwanted fats.

Source: Steth News

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