WARNING: This Newly Discovered Deadly Disease is Transmitted By Dogs, Be Careful!

Many people all over the world love dogs and they treat them as a family members. However, people should be extremely careful since they are the main carriers of a deadly disease called Leishmaniasis, also spelled leishmaniosis and it’s common in Syria and the Middle East.

Beside dogs, this diseases can be also transmitted from flies and ticks. It causes open wounds, bleeding from the nose, difficulty in breathing and swallowing.

Leishmaniasis may be divided into the following types:

* Cutaneous leishmanias - the most common form, which causes an open sore at the bite sites, which heals in a few months to a year and half, leaving an unpleasant-looking scar.

* Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis - causes both skin and mucosal ulcers with damage primarily of the nose and mouth.

* Visceral leishmaniasis - the most serious form, and is potentially fatal if untreated. Other consequences, which can occur a few months to years after infection, include fever, damage to the spleen and liver, and anemia.

Leishmanias is not transmitted from human to human. It can only happen theoretically through blood transfusion. This disease can be treated, but the treatment is long and difficult.


- Leishmaniasis can be partly prevented by using nets treated with insecticide while sleeping.

- Avoiding stray dogs.

Source: Cuisine & Health

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