9 Unbelievable Reasons You Should Start Eating Celery in the Evening!

You probably often use celery, but mixed with other vegetables, and do not often consider its huge contribution to your better health.

Administered as an anti-hypertensive agent in folk medicine for centuries, celery continues to prove that there are many cardiovascular benefits. In recent pharmacological studies, celery demonstrates both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities that help improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as prevent heart disease.

Moreover, this vegetable offers amazing health benefits, and we will give you 10 good reasons to start loving it:

1. It relieves inflammation

If you have pain in your joints, as well as inflammation, consuming this vegetable will help you treat these conditions. It contains plenty of polyphenols and antioxidants. Also, asthma patients have reported huge improvements after using it for some time.

2. Bad cholesterol is treated with it

This is thanks to an ingredient in celery which is called butylphthalide, which lowers the levels of this bad cholesterol. It has been proven that consuming only 2 stalks daily is able to lower LDL for 7%.

3. Celery improves your digestion

Since celery contains plenty of water and insoluble fiber, your digestion is very improved and your stool regulated. Also, doctors say that it’s the best diuretic because of its amazing cleansing properties.

4. Lowers high blood pressure

Celery is able to boost your circulation for minimum of 14% because of the active compounds in it known as “phthalides”. Also, the stress hormones in your blood will be lowered with the regular celery consumption.

5. You can lose the extra weight with it

1 stalk of celery has only 10 calories, and the rest is mostly water. So, eating it often will satisfy your hunger, while making your caloric intake very low.

6. Your stress will be reduced

In 100 mg of celery there can be up to 11 mg of magnesium. We all know how magnesium is great for reducing our stress, and it gets even better, since celery also contains plenty of essential oils. So, regular consumption will help your nerves relax, and also your sleep will be improved.

7. The alkaline balance is regulated

The Ph levels in your body will maintain a healthy balance, because consuming celery will help you prevent the acidic state in your body.

8. Increases your libido

You sex life will be very improved, since celery is rich in 2 key sex pheromones: androstenone and androstenol. As a result, you will have higher arousal levels.

9. Can help you battle cancer

It has been proven through some studies that celery can delay the formation of breast cancer, as well as stop the cancer cells growth in pancreas and colorectal cancer. This is due to the flavonoid called luteolin.

Source: Care 2

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