MUST WATCH: Boil Lemons at Night and Drink the Liquid in the Morning! The Effects Will Definitely Surprise You!

Did you know that drinking the extracts of boiled lemons will greatly benefit your health?

Facebook fanpage 'Demic' posted a video, citing that lemons - when boiled at night and drank in the morning - will actually make you healthier in the long run. The video instructed that one needs six lemons and 20 ounces of water and honey for the mixture.

The lemons should be sliced in half and then placed in a pot. Afterwards, boil the water for three minutes and then leave the pot on for 10-15 minutes. Then, remove the lemons and the pulp from the water, and place it in a tea cup along with a spoonful of honey.

The mixture can boost the immune system, protect from the common cold, make the metabolism work faster, cleanses the body from contaminants, refreshes breath, and even hydrates the lymph system.

Watch the whole procedure here!

Source: Demic

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