Drink This Beverage and Forget About Heart Attack and Heart Diseases

Use the inner wooden membrane of walnuts to make tea and prevent problems with the coronary artery, heart diseases and high body temperature.

Coronary arteries narrow as a result of chronic nicotine poisoning, and regular consumption of fatty foods.

This excellent remedy is especially recommended for smokers, and you can find it in
walnuts, i.e. the wooden membrane between the kernels.

Prepare a nice cup of tea. Soak 4-5 pieces in water and leave them overnight. In the morning make some tea. Drink it before you eat or drink anything. Do not stop drinking this tea, because it provides great circulation, regulates blood pressure and eases chest pain.

This tea is also effective in treating high body temperature associated with heart problems.

You should feel some improvement after the very first cup. If the pain is persistent, drink this tea until your chest pain disappears and the body temperature reduces.

However, if you have these health problems make sure you consult your doctor.

Source: Healthy Food House

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