Eat or Drink Strawberries to Control and Prevent Diabetes!

One of the most popular fruits in the world is strawberries. The pitted fruit from the family Rosacea is not only incredibly delicious but also very versatile: you can cook, eat it raw, or drink it. Either way, you can enjoy some of its nutritious benefits.

Strawberries are good for cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular disease is currently the number one killer in the world, but you can decrease the risk by eating right, including adding strawberries into your diet.

Strawberries are rich in ellagic acid that can help control LDL (bad cholesterol). This type of cholesterol builds up plaque that can narrow the blood’s pathway (stenosis) and increase the odd of developing thrombosis (blood clot).

The fruit also contains more than 110% vitamin C that what’s recommended daily. Vitamin C is very important since it is responsible for collagen synthesis and strengthening of the blood vessels and arteries.

Moreover, it is high in potassium, which plays a key role in balancing electrolytes. A good electrical activity means your heart is functioning well. It is also needed to lower blood pressure.

The antioxidants of the fruit keep chronic inflammation at bay.

Strawberries keep you young.

If you want to keep yourself healthy, then you must be in great shape down to your cellular level. However, cells are dynamic: they change (or mutate), they die, and they are renewed. They can also multiply sometimes so rapidly (especially cancer cells).

One of the foremost reasons for cellular damage is the presence of free radicals that can lead to oxidation. While you may not be able to fully control this process—you can develop free radicals through pollution or prolonged sun exposure, for example—you can decrease its effect on the cells by eating fruits that have plenty of antioxidants such as strawberries. According to Nola, strawberries can increase your antioxidant level within half an hour after eating.

Strawberries can control or prevent diabetes.

Contrary to popular belief, strawberries actually have a very low level of sugar. In fact, they are one of the lowest among all the fruits! For someone who has diabetes, it means you can add this to your diet while the fruit regulates sugar spikes. But not only that, if you eat artificial or table sugar, you can prevent the same spike by eating strawberries.

Source: Steth News

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