She Boiled Eggshells For This Very Important Health Application! Don't Ever Throw Those Eggshells Again! [VIDEO]

Egg shells are 90% calcium, a mineral which is very important for the bones, muscles, and is able to make the enzyme healthier, but somehow the shell ends in a garbage can each time.

The National Institute for Health proved that a shell from an egg is a great way to insert the needed amount of calcium in the human body. Just half a teaspoon of egg shells gives you 90% of the everyday requirement for calcium.

Boil the eggshell in water for 10 minutes to ensure that there are no more bacteria living on them. Some people bake them in the oven, but this step is optional. Let the shell cool down. When they have cooled down, grate them or put them in a coffee grinder and convert them into powder.

Watch the video below:

Source: The Magic of Life

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