These 3 Ingredients Can Battle Blocked Arteries, Infections and Colds! This Drink May Save Your Life!

Blocked arteries can be a silent killer. We should be aware of its early symptoms which includes:

- tiredness
- acute discomfort in the center or left of the chest
- frequent bouts of indigestion, heartburn
- a tightening of the jaws
- general irritability

If you have any of these symptoms, you should take action as early as possible. One option that you can do is to take this traditional concoction which may lessen and prevent artery congestion as well as battle infections and colds.

Here's how you do it:


4 large garlic bulbs
4 lemons, unpeeled
ginger root, 3-4 cm
2 liters filtered water


1) Wash the lemons and the garlic. Slice the lemons.
2) Blend them together and add the ginger root.
3) Add the filtered water and heat the mixture until boiling point. Make sure to stir ocassionally.
4) Put it in a glass bottle and let it cool.
5) You can drink this every day first thing in the morning.

Additional tips to prevent blocking of arteries and veins:

1) Lessen consumption of junk food and processed food.
2) Try eating garlic as it has a lot of health benefits in the body like improving blood circulation, clearing arteries, and flushing out toxic waste.
3) Increase fish, pumpkin seeds and brown rice in your diet.
4) Stop smoking.
5) Exercise regularly.

Source: The Hearty Soul

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