WATCH: Keeping a Dog Have Health Benefits, Too. Find Out Here!

Owning a dog is not just about having a pet in the house. For some, these lovable creatures become an extra member of the family. While it is not cheap to own a dog, both anecdotes and science agree that dog owners are much healthier than people who don’t have pets.

You Won’t Get Sick a Lot

Our bodies may be exposed to germs, but there are not enough of them that can inspire the body to build up immunities to combat these germs. Fortunately, our furry buddies are covered in germs. This shouldn’t gross you out since having a dog helps you become stronger when fighting illnesses.

You Can Resist Allergies

Dogs are among the worst allergy triggers for many people. However, if you or your kids grow up in a place where there is a dog, they tend to be more resistant to allergies.

According to science, even if you were still in your mother’s womb and there’s a dog in the house, there is a huge chance that you will not be bothered by dander and dog hair when you grow up. Additionally, you are less likely to develop eczema when you grow up.

You are Much Happier

Dogs are considered mood boosters. In fact, there is evidence that dog owners have much lower chance of developing depression than those who don’t own a pet. Even if someone is already clinically depressed, dogs can take them out of an episode of depression. There are also some cases where it is more effective to have a dog than to completely rely on medicine. This is because taking care of a dog takes a routine and therefore you will be forced to be a bit more active. As a result, you will not feel down all the time. Interaction with pets also helps individuals stay positive.

You Become More Social

If you’re looking for a date, your dog can be your wingman. Walking around with a dog can actually make you look more social and more approachable. If you are having a hard time talking to the opposite sex, your dog can help you overcome your shyness. Walk your dog in the morning or bring him to parks and stores where they allow pets and you will surely be able to mingle with new people.

Dogs are not man’s best friend for nothing. They help you become healthier as they require exercise. Also, when you have a pet, you become happier and you feel that you are free from stress. These alone already boost your health and improve your overall lifestyle.

For more benefits of keeping a dog, watch the video below.

Source: Steth News