White Sugar vs Brown Sugar, Which is Better For Your Health?

Brown and white sugars are two of the most used types of sugar. There is a myth that says brown sugar is more nutritious than white although this belief is not proven. Brown sugar contains water and molasses and is sweeter than the white version. But which of the two is really more beneficial to your health?

White vs Brown

Raw sugar is derived from sugar canes and looks a little brown at first because of the molasses. Sugar manufacturers will remove the molasses by bleaching and this is where white sugar is formed. White sugar can still go back to the brown version by adding molasses to it. The biggest difference in these two sugars is the taste. Since brown has molasses, you can actually taste it in this type of sugar. It is also richer and sweeter with a moist and chunky texture, while white sugar is grainy and dry.

Comparison of Nutritional Values

Many people believe that brown sugar is much healthier and therefore they use it over white sugar. The truth though is that they do not really have a big difference when it comes to their nutritional values. The white version is the purer type because it is 99.9% sucrose. On the other hand, brown sugar is made up of 97% sucrose. The remaining is allotted to water (2%) and other substances (1%).

If you have a teaspoon of white sugar, you consume a total of 16 kilocalories. One teaspoon of brown sugar will give you 17 kilocalories. Although these two don’t differ much in this aspect as well as in the sucrose composition, the molasses found in brown sugar make it “more nutritious” because of the calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium this type of sugar now contains.

However, you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that brown sugar is indeed healthier than the white version. In truth, the minerals mentioned are only present in very small amounts, so they don’t really give you the health benefits your body needs.

So Which One Should You Use?

Depending on the cooking technique you want to accomplish and your personal preference as well, you can choose whether you want to use brown or white sugar. You may opt for brown sugar because it is richer than white or you can choose white because of its plainness. However, if you are looking for the healthier option between the two, there are not a lot of benefits to gain. In fact, you should avoid too much consumption of these sugars as they can be detrimental to your health.

Source: Steth News