If You're Short, Don't Worry, It Only Means You LIVE LONGER and Enjoy These Other Health Benefits!

You’ve probably heard that when you are short, you are at a disadvantage. For centuries, it has been considered that being tall is beneficial on both social and biological aspects. But several recent studies underscore the perks of being a short guy or gal, particularly in the health department. If you’re short, it is time for you to stop envying the tall people because there are many health perks for your height.

You Have Lower Cancer Risk

No one wants to have high cancer risk, but unfortunately, tall guys are prone to cancer as discovered by a 2014 European study. People who are tall have some form of gene mutation that is also linked to cancer growth.

You Could Live Longer

Shorter height is almost synonymous to longer life. Aside from lower cancer risk, you are less likely to develop heart disease. Although there are studies that say otherwise, a 2004 study published in the Medical Science Monitor revealed that shorter people may have lower chances of developing heart disease based on data from Japan, California, Europe, Pakistan, and others.

You Could Have More Kids

On average, shorter women have more children than those who are tall. So, if you’re looking to have some little ones running around the house, you could be in luck. A study in the UK discovered that women who are below 5’4 could have more kids when they reach 42 than their taller counterparts.

You Have Fewer Needs

Shorter people tend to need less water and resource, which make them environmental-friendly. With their reduced impact on the environment, they are given the advantage of enjoying less pollution from the surroundings.

You Enjoy More Bedroom Fun

Shorter people, especially men, are said to have more sex, according to a 2014 study you can read at the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The study reported that men who are 5’8 or shorter have more sex, almost three times every week on average. Sex has a number of health benefits, including stronger immune system and heart as well as improved blood flow.

You Could Avoid Recurrent Blood Clots

Scientists discovered that women who are at least 5’6 suffer blood clots more than those who are shorter than them. To be specific, tall women are exposed to higher venous thromboembolism (VTE) risk, which is actually associated with injury and fatality.

As you can see, there are reasons to celebrate being short. However, this is not to say that you are safe from the conditions mentioned above. Your lifestyle still has a major role to play on your overall health.

Source: Bustle

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