Right Sleeping Positions That Can Help Solve Health Issues. Must Learn!

Sleeping is truly essential to our entire health. Which proves that almost a third of our lifetime is spent on sleeping. Lack of sleep has proven to be negatively affecting our critical thinking and cognitive function.

According to the experts, the position that you are in while sleeping is the most important thing, which is why only some positions are recommended for improving your health.

Here’s how you might be able to tell if the position is bad for you:

Neck Pain
Take a pillow and place both of your hands with it under your head. In case that you are sleeping on the other side, the pillow should be flat. When you are sleeping in your stomach, you should get a thin pillow. Try to switch some positions while you are sleeping to avoid more pain.

Shoulder Pain
If you are experiencing shoulder pain, you should avoid sleeping on just one side either left or right side. It is the best to sleep on your back. Use an orthopedic pillow and use another extra pillow to hold with your hands. If sleeping on your back seems to become a problem for you, sleep on your most comfortable side, but do not sleep on it if that side is the one which causes you pain. Draw your legs upwards and set a pillow between your knees. Try not to place your hands under your head.

Back Pain
This pain is commonly a result of having a poor or low quality mattress. Since this position is the most recommended one, it should not give you pain, but if it does, you have to switch things up. Take a pillow and place it under your knees to posture your spine in a better and relaxing position and also to reduce tendon tensions.

Leg Pain
While sleeping, spasms and cramps may occur and might affect your leg feet or even your thighs. To prevent and treat this issue, you have to consult with your doctor first. The best way to help yourself in this matter is to stretch your legs and tighten the muscles.

Leg pain, Cramps and Heart Burn
If you are suffering from Heart Burn, it is recommended that you should sleep on your left side. And if you are suffering from leg cramps due to poor circulation, try to put a pillow under your legs so they may come up a little higher. Massage your legs before going to bed and avoid some caffeine-based drinks at least 6 hours before going to bed.

If you are snoring, do not try to sleep on your stomach, because you might interrupt the normal breathing process. Use harder pillows or use two softer pillows. Snoring can be actually relieve if you sleep on your side because there is nothing that interferes the breathing process.

Difficulty Waking Up in the Morning
All you have to do is to wake up at the same time every day so you may not interrupt your body clock cycle.

Cannot Sleep in the Evening
Before sleeping, you have to get rid of all of those technologies such as TV, computers, laptops and phones that will only disturb you from sleeping. And within 6 hours before going to bed, do not drink up caffeine, alcohol, black tea, chocolate, energy and soda drinks that will make you feel alive.

Source: Wiki How

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