This Herb Will Help Destroy Your Desire For Nicotine! Must Try!

Smoking is one of the most common vices of people these days and it’s a harmful one, quitting can be extremely difficult for others to do so. Nicotine is what the cigarette contains which actually causes the addiction that forces the body to crave for more as time goes by.

The more you smoke, the more you crave for nicotine. And when you are unable to take nicotine to your body, the withdrawal phase occurs which can be quite hard for your body to the changes and the feeling of not having one inside your body. Some physical symptoms may last for a week but your body’s craving for nicotine will actually last longer.

Stevia is an herb that can help you and your body quit this habit if taking nicotine. According a recently study that was made by German, Stevia can actually help you stop drinking and smoking because it blocks the craving signals for nicotine from the brain. This herb is originated from Paraguay which is used as a sweetener and is a member of chrysanthemum.

All you have to do is to take a few drops of Stevia directly to your tongue when feel the urges to have some nicotine and it will instantly stop that kind of feeling of yours.

You will be able to find its powder or liquid in some healthy stores and supermarkets. This herb can also help your body regulate blood pressure and lose some weight.

In addition, this herb is effective in treating acnes and dermatitis and can be also used as a facial mask as it tightens, nourishes and softens the skin.

This is how to grow this beneficial plant at your home:

This plant is not able to survive in the places that have freezing conditions because this herb loves the sun. Yet, the root can actually survive in zone 8 if it is well protected as well as in zones 9 and warmer and it can grow again during spring.

All you have to do is to plant this herb in a good quality, loose, loamy, well-drained soil in 12-inch containers and keep it direct to the sunlight, then, water the soil when it becomes dry.

It needed an 18 inches free space because it grows about 1 to 3 feet in height. You have to wait for the winter to pass before you can finally plant it. Use compost and mulch to prevent it from drying during summer.

Remember that a better drainage is vital in order to prevent rotting. Also, that the roots will be rotten if it is still wilting after you have watered it.

Stevia most likely blooms during autumn with white pretty flowers and in order to stimulate the growth of new leaves, you have to trim off the flowers. It is the leaves which are sweeter in autumn because its taste is better before the plant actually bloom. And to use the leaves longer, you have to dry them off with the help of sun.

Remove the stems, leaves and tender stems then scatter them on a loosely woven fabric or any non-metal screening. This will become dry in just a day therefore you have to collect them as soon as possible and crush them using a food processor or with the hand until you can actually get the powder.

You should keep the Stevia in an airtight container and add it up to your food and drinks. It will not easily dissolve though but it will be very effective.

Source: Daily Health Post