WARNING: Why You Should Never Eat Green Potatoes! A Must-Read!

Nutritionists recommend that we eat a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables to become healthier. However, it is important to know that there are some of these healthy foods that could also have side effects. Among them is a green potato.

What Scientific Research Says

Based on the findings in studies, eating green potatoes can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. It can also cause you to be nauseous, with mild to severe headache, and you could suffer from other diseases. This is attributed to the solanine in green potatoes, which is a poisonous chemical that could cause various health conditions, especially when the crops are consumed by mistake.

What to Do with Green Potatoes

Although you don’t have to throw the green potatoes away, you shouldn’t consume them, according to scientists. Instead, store them in a cool place where there is dim light. This can help combat the production of solanine and therefore remove the parts that are still green.

If you mistakenly consume green potato, you shouldn’t panic. It takes at least 16 ounces of the potato to make a hundred pound man to feel sick. But as a reminder, if you find the potato to be very bitter, don’t eat it anymore as this could cause some health issues, particularly in the digestive system.

Source: Snopes

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