12 Ways to Use the Hibiscus Plant and Flower (Gumamela) For Your Health

With the scientific name of Hibiscus sabdariffa, the hibiscus plant’s health benefits have been ignored for years. It is simply known for its beautiful flower. However, this plant, particularly its leaves and flowers, is used in Ayurveda, India’s medicinal system, for treating ailments and health problems.

Medicinal Uses of Hibiscus

Here are the many uses of the hibiscus plant:

#1: Skin Care: The leaves extract is effective against skin problems, such as acne and wrinkles. Plus, it can help protect you against ultraviolet radiation.

#2: Diuretic: Hibiscus can be made into tea using its leaves. This hibiscus tea is a natural diuretic for those with kidney disease. Consume without sugar for best results.

#3: Mood Booster: Elevate your mood with hibiscus tea. Like above, don’t add sugar.

#4: Hypertension Controller: If you have high blood pressure, add hibiscus tea to your daily diet.

#5: Cancer Wound Treatment: In the initial stages of cancer, wounds can appear. Use the oil extract to help treat them quickly.

#6: Wound Healer: The oil extract from the leaves of the plant can help close wounds faster.

#7: Vermifuge: The extracts from the plant can provide you with antibacterial effect. This has been proven in a few animal studies in which the test subjects’ worms were killed with the use of the extracts.

#8: Cholesterol Levels Reducer: The same hibiscus leaf tea can lower bad cholesterol levels by means of stopping plaque buildup in the arteries.

#9: Hair Care: Using flowers and leaves of the hibiscus plant, you can prevent hair loss and dandruff. It is recommended that you add either sesame or coconut oil to your hair. You will need to heat the mixture in low fire and let it cool for a few minutes. After cooling, simply get the oil and massage it onto your hair before you shower. Leave it there for about an hour and rinse.

#10: Tumor Fighter: Research has shown that hibiscus has components that have the potential to work as chemo preventative agents, allowing the plant to defend the body against tumor development.

#11: Laxative: In many parts of the world, including in India, hibiscus plant is actually used as a mild laxative because of its cathartic effect.

#12: Anti-Inflammatory: Hibiscus plant can also work as an anti-inflammatory, so that the immune system’s response to stress can be controlled. Otherwise, this can result to conditions that can damage the body, including heart disease and cancer.

Note: Hibiscus for your health conditions is extremely safe as there are no contraindications noted. However, for expecting moms and those who are nursing their babies, it is recommended that you stay away from the plant, even the herbal tea to avoid problems.

Source: Health Line

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