9 Easy and Effective Habits That Can Help You Fight Goiter! Must Read!

The thyroid gland is a ductless type of gland that can be found in the neck.  It is the one who is responsible for the creation and the emission of hormones which controls the progression and development by the means of controlling the level of the metabolism.

There are some circumstances where small growths that are called cystic nodules are being developed in the thyroid gland. It is either solid or filled with fluid. Cystic nodules are usually nonthreatening which means they don’t have the ability to spread over and result to a cancerous one.

You may already obtain thyroid cystic nodules (Goiter) but you are not just aware of it because they do not show some kinds of signs and symptoms. The large ones, however, may become obvious on the neck which causes struggle in swallowing. As a matter of fact, these growths tend to release thyroxin in addition to the one that was already emitted by the thyroid gland. It is not dubious for you to experience nervousness, palpitations of the heart and weight loss due to the excessive amounts of the said hormone inside your body.

There are a huge number of medical treatments that can be used for thyroid cystic that is available nowadays. Some of these treatments include radioactive iodine therapy while the others are surgery. There are also numerous natural remedies for condition as this and it is said to be really effective especially in removing them. They are the following:

Aviod Sugar and Processed Foods
Sugar and numerous chemicals that can be found in the processed foods are known as the pro-inflammatory substances. If you have thyroid cystic nodules, it is a smart move to keep inflammation at bay. When you are going to shop, do not purchased those sugary and processed foods instead by the nutritious one such as fruits and vegetables.

Avoid Fried Foods and Dairy Products
Both fried and dairy foods have the ability to encourage inflammation which can cause the excess production of mucus. Anything that can actually trigger the production of mucus in the body should definitely be avoided by anyone who suffers from thyroid cystic nodules.

Add Iodine Rich Foods in the Diet
Iodine deficiency is one of the usual reasons behind thyroid cystic nodules. That is why consuming enough amount of foods that contains iodine can actually help you with this kind of condition. There are a lot of exceptional sources of iodine such as potatoes, sea vegetables, shrimp, shellfish, fish, dried fruits, turkey breast, bananas and strawberries.

Eat Plenty of Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits including oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit and so much more are extremely beneficial for someone who has thyroid cystic nodules. It is because they are helping the body to eliminate the mucus. They are packed with Vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant that can help make your immune system stronger and lessen the risk of obtaining cancer.

Reduce Intake of Alcohol and Caffeinated Beverages
Too much consumption of alcohol can result to various health issues which includes the formation of thyroid cystic nodules. It is also a great idea for you to get rid of coffee, tea, sodas and other beverages that contains caffeine.

Drink Ginger or Herbal Teas
If you are going to consume a coffee or other beverages in the morning try to consider drinking a ginger tea instead. This kind of liquid refreshment is extremely great for those individuals who have thyroid cystic nodules due to its ability to soothe inflammation. Choosing several herbal teas are also a great idea because they do not contain any caffeine.

Consume or Apply Bentonite Clay
Consuming a glass of water with a teaspoon of Bentonite clay can help you in getting rid of the toxins in your body that contributes to thyroid cystic nodules. Some people are relieved by the application of Bentonite clay on their neck.

Supplement with Ginseng
Beside of boosting the energy in your body, ginseng has been used for periods by different traditional healers in dealing with some sort of maladies. Consuming ginseng as a supplement on a daily basis can help you with your thyroid cystic nodules because it contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Fight Stress Effectively
Thyroid cystic nodules can show different symptoms such as nervousness and heart palpitations and it is recommendable for you to try to prevent being stressed as much as possible. Proper stress management can help you to fight against the stress in your body. There are simple and extremely effective stress-busting activities such as yoga, getting a massage, taking a relaxing bath, listening to music and trying a new hobby.

Source: Live Love Fruit

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