Eat 3 Dates Everyday and You Will Be Amazed With the Result to Your Health!

Adding dates in your diet is an effective way to obtain a huge number of health benefits with just a handful of sweetness. When you are about to choose the dates that you will consuming, simply look out for the plump ones which is smooth, unbroken and wrinkled skins. Sidestep those dates which smell rancid or are hardened.

You can preserve dried dates for almost a year inside the refrigerator. On the other hand, fresh dates should be fridge in tight and sealed containers which you can only keep for at least 8 months.

Health benefits from eating dates

Helps Improve Your Digestion
Dates are popular due to its high soluble fibers. The moment you consume dates, the soluble fiber that it contains will attract the water from your digestive tract that makes things a little backed-up. Additionally, dates can also help you in preventing diarrhea because it helps in balancing your digestive tract. Consuming a few numbers of dates is an effective and speedy way to soothe any gut uneasiness because it has the ability to improve the good bacteria in your digestive tract.

Help Balance Your Iron Levels
Dates are packed with iron which is an outstanding food source which can help out in balancing these levels especially in those individuals who suffer from anemia.  Eating dates can boost their entire strength and energy.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy
According to studies, dates are great for your heart most especially when you douse them during the night and crush them in the morning before you consume them.

The high levels of potassium gives an excellent impact for your heart and studies shows that it can lessen the chance of stroke and other heart related diseases.

Furthermore, dates can also help in decreasing the LDL or known as the bad cholesterol which is a huge factor in heart problems including strokes and heart attacks.

Provides You a Quick Energy Boost
Dates have natural sugars such as sucrose, fructose and glucose that make it a perfect afternoon snack which can provide an effective increase in your energy. The fiber that dates contain has the ability to keep you power up that you will never experience with any other sweet foods.

Makes Your Bones Stronger
In order to acquire strong and healthy bones you’ll need a huge number of manganese, magnesium and selenium. Dates are the answer that you only need to add to your diet. The strength of the bones is one of the health concerns of mature women and dates are the best solution in this condition.

Source: Daily Health Post

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