Makeup Artist Lost 189 Pounds in 11 Months, Here's Her Diet! A MUST-READ!

Many people are battling weight issues these days and it is refreshing to find a person who is able to conquer such struggle. Oftentimes, the story is inspiring, but there are also times when the individual is accused of faking the weight loss story. This is exactly the case of Simone Anderson, a hair and makeup artist from New Zealand.

Before and After

Simone weighed 373 pounds when she decided to change her life. She had enough of dealing with her weight problems, so she underwent some major improvements. She went through a gastric sleeve stomach surgery, walked for one hour every single day, and removed all kinds of processed foods in her diet. 11 months after, she lost 189 pounds – more than half of her original weight.

She documented her experience on her Instagram and Facebook page where she posted pictures of workout sessions at 5AM and also sharing her meals.

Her Diet

One of the biggest reasons why she achieved her weight goal is because she limited her food intake and choices. As mentioned, she stopped eating processed food and only ate healthy ones, including:

Roasted Chicken, Feta, and Egg Salad

Her first healthy food post was in September 22nd of 2014. She admitted she needed to practice more on the presentation of her meal, but this was a special day for her as she started going to the gym and ate fresh food.


She also posted a picture of a healthy smoothie made from different berries, mango, banana, and passion fruit.

Healthy Sweet Snack

Most people have a sweet tooth and Simone is not an exception. Because she couldn’t just get rid of her cravings for sweet foods, she made a healthy snack: popcorn made with coconut oil with crushed almonds and dark chocolate (85% cocoa).

Chicken Thigh

She called herself a changed woman when she said she used whole meal bread crumbs for the chicken and oven baked the thigh instead of eating out at McDonald’s.

Her story is indeed inspiring even though it received negativity at first. Nevertheless, many people were moved by her weight loss journey and she was even able to start a fundraiser to get rid of the loose skin.

Source: Steth News

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