Natural Ways to Get Rid of 'Kadiri' Roaches Forever!

Once roaches make themselves at home in your home, you would find it difficult to get rid of them. They are one of the most annoying creatures around as they nibble on your food, ruin your books and wallpaper, and they could even damage your electronics. What’s worse is that there are species that can spread germs that can cause sickness.

If you’re desperate for treatment and want to evict them right now, you don’t have to keep spraying with those insecticides that not only kill the roaches, but can also harm your family. Instead, you can get rid of them with the following natural methods:

1. Coffee Grounds
After you have your coffee, don’t throw away those coffee grounds. The acid in the coffee is believed to have a negative effect on the roaches, which eventually poison them. Place the grounds in your bathroom or in your bedroom and you will notice those roaches become fewer. Ultimately, they will avoid those places where the grounds are. Coffee grounds are useful for repelling the insects and they become even more effective when you put them outdoors.

2. Borax and Sugar
Exterminators actually use this combination to get rid of cockroaches. With the borax you have in your house, add three parts of it to one part sugar. Borax can kill the roaches by means of dehydrating their exoskeletons. You need the sugar so that the roaches will go near the solution. Be careful with this method though, especially if you have kids at home. If you do, make sure that the solution is far from your children’s reach.

3. Fix the Leaks
Even though your house is spotless, there will still be roaches there, especially if you have water leaks inside. This is because roaches can live for a month without eating food, but they cannot live without water. Get rid of water leaks to get rid of the pests as well.

4. Don’t Keep Your Trash Inside
Allowing your trash to sit inside your house for too long can result to many pests visiting and eventually staying at your place. These include cockroaches, so make sure you take out the trash as often as possible even if your trash can has a lid.

Exterminators work, but they can be expensive depending on your infestation problem. There are also adhesive-based traps that you can use, but these only kill the roaches, not their nest. As for sprays and other poisonous products, you could be putting your family’s health and safety in line as well. It is still much better to be on the safe side and use the natural yet effective treatments above.

Source: Mother Nature Network

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