Study Confirms Women Need to Throw Those Bras Away! Here's Why!

Most women, if not all, have been told to wear a bra to reduce back pain and to prevent the breasts from giving in to gravity. However, a 15-year study conducted by a French sports science professional from the University of Besançon’s Centre Hospitalier Universitaire concludes that wearing a bra gives women more negative effects than benefits.

Quicker Sagging With Bra

According to his research, which started from 1997 to 2012 with 330 volunteers comprising of women aged 18 to 35, women experience more sagging than those who don’t wear bra. The comprehensive study showed that women who did not wear bras had about seven millimeters or ¼ inch lift every year. The reason for this is that bras stop the epidermal and skin tissue from growing. As a result, breasts sag faster than those who do not wear a bra.

An Exception

If you are 44 years old or younger, it is time for you to ditch your bra, as the study suggests. It is quite promising for young women out there, but unfortunately, this will not work on those who are 45 and up. Additionally, those who are overweight with two or more children should not abandon their bras as this will not give them any benefit.

Source: Steth News

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