The DANGERS of Sleeping With Wet Hair! Very Important!

Even though many people believe going to bed with wet hair is quite normal and harmless, it is very bad and dangerous habit.

Here are three horrifying reasons why you should never go to bed with wet hair

You probably didn’t know this, but your body temperature decreases to the temperature of the room where you sleep in the first stages of sleep, while it increases in the REM stage. As your hair is wet, the temperature of your head can’t adjust to your body temperature which can cause severe headaches that can keep you awake in the middle of the night.

The pillows make a perfect place for bacteria proliferation because they absorb sweat, dead cells and natural oils from your skin. Wet hair will wet the pillow thus making a perfect ground for developing infections.

Hair Breakage
Wet hair is particularly prone to splitting, especially when it rubs against the pillow. This friction damages your hair and causes it to split.

It would be best advisable to avoid going to bed with wet hair as this can result in mild to severe health issues. Also do not go to bed with dripping wet hair. At least wrap and drain the water with a towel first.

Source: Time For Natural Health Care

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