WARNING! Consuming This Much Coffee, Alcohol, Water, Chocolate, or Cherry CAN ACTUALLY KILL YOU!

So you drink water to survive. You eat chocolates when you’re craving for something sweet. You eat cherries because you know fruits are good for your health. But did you know the adage, “Too much of everything can kill you”? Turns out, this is true as even water, the deemed safest drink in the world, can kill you if ingested in large amounts.

How Much is Too Much?

Love coffee just like most people? 70 cups of one of the world’s favorite beverages are lethal to a 70KG person as this amount can cause extreme heart palpitations or worse, cardiac arrest.

Alcohol lovers beware. If you take 13 shots consecutively of this depressant, the alcohol can trigger your brain to stop some functions, such as breathing and heart beating.

Water is essential, but drinking too much, specifically six liters, can cause your brain to swell. This can result to headaches, coma, and even death.

The same thing can happen if you consume 48 teaspoons of any seasoning that is high in sodium can cause hypernatremia, a condition where the brain shrinks, which can cause death.

Cherries are nutritious, but they are also lethal, particularly the pits. You can breathe a sigh of relief if you just swallowed it. However, if you bit at least one, this already contains enough cyanide that can trigger cytochrome C oxidase, which causes your cells to stop using oxygen.

Chocolates are sweet and yummy, but can be lethal too. You probably already know about chocolates being a huge no-no to pets because of theobromine. This chemical though can also affect us humans, even though we’re better at utilizing it. It becomes deadly at 1000mg/kg, which is actually equivalent to eating 85 full-size bars at once.

Non-Food Measurements That Can Kill You

We need oxygen in order to survive. Depriving yourself for four minutes from this nutrient can cause brain injury. But adding two more minutes can cause death. However, there are some people who have trained themselves to holding their breath for 20 minutes or more.

Still speaking about oxygen, there’s this term known as the “death zone” in which our bodies can no longer acclimatize to high altitudes. It starts at 7,300 meters or 24,000 feet.

Your Own Height
The same thing can happen if you are too tall. In fact, there was a man in the 1930s who reached 8’11. He died at a young age of 22 because his circulatory system and bones could not handle the pressure.

We all know that poison could kill us, but it is sort of daunting to think our favorite foods and beverages can also be lethal. Thankfully, being educated about how much is too much can help us avoid getting killed.

Source: Steth News

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