Woman Ate and Drank NOTHING but Starbucks Products For a Year, This is What Happened!

Going to Starbucks for a cup of Joe – even daily – is normal for many people. But imagine eating and drinking solely from Starbucks for one whole year. This is exactly what a woman named Beautiful Existence from Seattle did. Beginning from the January 1st to December 31st of 2013, she consumed food and beverage from Starbucks and from its affiliated stores, including Evolution Fresh, Tazo Tea, and Roy Street Coffee & Tea.

The How and the Why

Beautiful Existence always has experiments for a complete year. In 2013, she chose Starbucks, a giant name in the coffee industry. The company sent Beautiful with periodic updates about their new food items, but she did not receive any freebies or discounts. This led her to spending at least $500 each month. The Seattle woman is married and has two children, but she’s the only one who conducts her experiment.

According to her, she is just naturally curious about various companies and how they work for their customers.

Why You Should Not Try the Experiment

Although it is quite rare to find other people who are willing to do the same challenge as Beautiful Existence, you may want to stop yourself in case you want to try it. There are several reasons why it should not be done including:

Very Expensive
Taking the experiment above, imagine yourself paying $500 to $600 every month on food alone. This is double the amount for an average American based on the survey performed by the US Department of Agriculture. All in all, she spent $7,000 on Starbucks food for one year.

Increased Osteoporosis Risk
Because she drank coffee every day, this can reduce calcium in the body as it will be excreted in urine. According to The Diet Channel, for every six ounces of coffee you drink, you will lose about five milligrams of calcium.

Wrinkled Face
Coffee has antioxidants, which can help you look younger. But too much of it can cause you to have wrinkled skin. Coffee can cause dehydration and therefore it can make you look older.

Too much coffee can also cause you to gain weight. Beautiful Existence did claim that she did not gain weight even during the challenge where she had to consume Starbucks products every day. However, she did skip on the whip, so she was able to cut calories. Nevertheless, this Starbucks challenge is not only expensive, but can also lead to health problems.

Source: The Blaze

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