10 Morning Rituals to Supercharge Your Mind, Body and Metabolism in 5 Minutes

What is the first thing you do after waking up? Here are a few best healthy things to do to start your day. They will help you wake up more easily, boost your energy, and improve your overall health.

A good morning stretch can be very beneficial for your body and mind. It will help you instantly prepare for the day, and will boost your lymphatic system. Moreover, it will loosen your muscles, increase blood circulation and reduce stress and tension. Start from top and go to the bottom. First stretch your neck, shoulders, chest, back, quads, hamstrings and finally calves.

Wake Up on Time
If you are one of those people who press snooze button every morning, then you should know that this habit is very bad for your health. By getting just 10 more minutes of sleep you trigger many other health issues, including recklessness, nervousness, anxiety and additional stress in order to get on time at your work or school. Therefore, it is much better if you wake up on time and have all your morning rituals, such as shower, coffee and breakfast.

Set Your Internal Clock
Internal clock, also known as circadian rhythm, is a sequence of internal variations in the body controlled by the brain that occur along a roughly 24-hour cycle. Body’s clock is responsible for more than just sleep and wakefulness. Also, it affects mood, mental alertness, hunger, and heart function. Therefore, it is essential for you to have enough hours of sleep so that your body can function normally. According to Fitness.com on Harvard Medical School, people who sleep about nine hours during the night have more melatonin secreted by the brain when compared to those who sleep less than 9 hours. In this case, you should visit a doctor who can tell you which melatonin supplementation is best for you.

Have a Cup of Lemon Water
Just one glass of lemon water in the morning will cleanse your body, balance the pH levels, improve digestion and speed up your metabolism. Also, it will significantly boost your energy levels.

Do Your Workouts in the Morning
Morning exercises are the best thing that you can start your day with. It will increase your heartbeat and blood circulation, and will make you feel alert. Additionally, it will boost your energy.

Read in Bed
It is commonly known that you need to keep the technology out of your bedroom if you want to get a good night sleep. Phone screens and lap tops can stimulate your brain activity, and when this is accompanied by stress from work, it certain leads to sleep problems and insomnia. However, having these habits as a morning routine will help you quickly wake up your mind, according to telegraph.co.uk.

Eat an Iron-packed Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if does not contain enough amounts of iron, it can lead to lack of energy. Time.com reports: “An iron deficiency can leave you feeling sluggish, irritable, weak, and unable to focus.” Therefore, make sure your breakfast contains foods that are rich in iron, such as green leafy vegetables, eggs, beans, peanut butter etc. also, it is recommended that you consume lemon or orange juice in order to promote better absorption of iron.

Dress Like You Mean It
Wearing comfortable clothes is also very important for your body and mind, according to Forbes.com.

Calm Down and Meditate
Only five minutes of meditation in the early morning will significantly calm you down and reduce your stress levels. Find some peaceful corner where you can feel comfortable and listen to relaxing music and focus on your breathing. According to Activevegetarian.com, this habit will bring “mental clarity, profound prosperity and set the stage for the day.”

Don’t Sleep in on Weekends
Try to keep to your sleep schedule even on weekends, suggests sparkpeople.com. You will finally stop hating Mondays and will have more free time.

Source: Healthier Way of Life | Just Natural Life

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