20 Brilliantly Simple Ideas That Will Save You Loads of Money

With proper storage of food you will not only save some space but you will also prolong its shelf life. Find out how to make your life easier:

Use nylon stockings to tie knots between each onion because in this way the onions will last longer as they won’t touch each other.

Potatoes, onions, and apples
Always store them separately because when they are stored together their shelf-life is shortened. Store the potatoes in dark place to prevent them from attracting germs or producing toxic solanine.

After you buy berries, immediately put them in a bowel with water and vinegar (ratio 10:1). After 5 minutes strain them and then dry them. This will clean them of small micro-organisms so they will last longer.

In order to have long shelf- life, store the tightly sealed jar with honey in cold place. In fact honey is one of the longest lasting foods.

You can keep the eggs in the fridge or after cracking them you can put the eggs into an ice-cube container, with a little salt or sugar (to prevent them from becoming grainy) and use as needed.

Tomato sauce
You can put tomato sauce in a freezer bags and freeze it. After an hour if it is frozen enough, the tomato sauce can be broken off and used as needed

If you use herbs, just put them in olive oil and freeze them and they can last forever!

Slow down the ripening process of bananas by wrapping a piece of plastic cling wrap around them.

Celery, broccoli, and lettuce
To stay crunchy and last longer, store these vegetables in the fridge wrapped in aluminum foil.

Blanching vegetables before freezing (except onions and peppers), preserves their quality.

Wrap the lettuce in a paper towel as the paper towels absorb excess moisture and in this way it will last longer.

Apples have long shelf-life.When put in the fridge they can last up to six months. But make sure to get rid of rotten apple so it would not spoil the other apples.

Carrots are best stored in damp sand in a wood box. Then place the box in a cool and dry place.

You can use the same method as for the tomato sauce to store the mincemeat. Just melt it and use it.

Cheese in buckets
Place the bucket with cheese up-side –down to last longer.

Instead of Tupperware
Store your food in glass jars rather than in plastic ones to last longer.

Keep your cheese in special, grease-proof paper. It won’t taste like plastic and it will last longer.

Remove the crown and put the pineapple on its head. It will last longer.

Spring onions
If you want your spring onions to grow, place them in water. They will stay fresh and tasty. You can even grow new onions from the bulb.

Protect the cake with pieces of white bread. They will absorb excess moisture from the air around and also they will prevent the cake from drying.

These useful ideas will surely help to preserve your food and you will also save some money because you will not throw away food often. Leonardo da Vinci once said“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Source: Real Farmacy | Just Natural Life

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