4 Home Remedies to Treat Nail Fungus Permanently! A Must-Read!

Nail fungus happens when moisture is trapped in warm and dark places where fungi thrive, such us your shoes. In some cases, this is due to yeast or mold.

Oftentimes, nail fungus is not really bothersome and may not even require treatment. Even though some nail fungi go away on their own, leaving this nail problem untreated can cause cracking and splitting of the nail. Sometimes, it can lead to complete loss of your nail.

Regardless of the cause, if you have nail fungus, you definitely want to get rid of it as soon as possible. While there are treatments available that you can buy at the pharmacy, you actually don’t need to take that trip as the treatment can be found in your home.

Remedy #1: Coconut Oil

Here’s the simplest of all remedies. You only need coconut oil and a pair of gloves or simply water and soap to wash your hands with. Just apply coconut oil on the affected area and rub it. Let the oil absorb to the skin. Repeat at least twice a day.

Remedy #2: Mouthwash

Fill the tub of the mouthwash with the antiseptic and soak the nail there for about 30 minutes. You can start scrubbing the nail gently then rinse thoroughly. Repeat at least once a day to remove the infection. As an alternative, you can also use white vinegar with the mouthwash in a 1:1 ratio.

Remedy #3: Soak

For this treatment, you will need:

ü  Four to five tablespoons of baking soda
ü  Water
ü  Bowl
ü  Paper towels

ü  One cup of apple cider vinegar

With the ingredients ready, here are the steps:

1.       Mix the ACV with water in a bowl or anything where you can soak your feet in.
2.       Let your feet stay in the solution for 15 minutes.
3.       Dry your feet using paper towels.
4.       Once dry, repeat the process, but this time, use baking soda instead of ACV.
5.       Do the treatment twice a day.
6.       If you don’t have ACV, you can go for white vinegar.

Remedy #4: Oil Treatment

Here’s what you need:

ü  A teaspoon of tea tree oil
ü  Half a teaspoon of olive oil or grapeseed oil
ü  Balls of cotton

Mix olive or grapeseed oil and tea tree oil then soak a cotton ball with the mixture. Press the solution on the affected nail. Allow the liquid to dry naturally. You can also add half a teaspoon of orange oil, which can help get rid of the fungus.

Source: Everyday Roots

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