9 Health Benefits We Can Acquire from CASSAVA: It can Actually Cure Infetility and Cancer

Cassava is considered to be an exotic and an indigenous plant in the country. It is locally regarded as "kamoteng kahoy."

Aside from creating various delicacies out of it, it is actually a possible treatment to various diseases due to its many health benefits.

Here are the benefits of eating cassava in a regular basis:

1. It lowers the level of cholesterol.

2. It protects the cardiovascular health and assist in weight gain.

3. It has the ability to enhance the blood circulation, as well as the red blood cell count.

4. Potent treatment against tumors.

5. It prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

6. It can actually avoid diabetes and birth imperfections.

7. It has the ability to improve digestion.

8. It can keep the balance of the fluid in the body.

9. It defends the bone mineral density.

Source: Read and Digest 
Image: Authority Nutrition

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