Do You Find It Hard to Sleep While You Have Your Period? Then You Need to Read This!

One thing that guys don't realize is that menstruation for women can be a real pain. During this periods, they experience painful cramps, laziness, unexplained mood swings and unusual cravings -- all of which can hinder their daily activities. On top of that, they also feel stressed and gets easily tired and when it's time to hit the hay, more often than not, sleep is evasive and becomes more of an added task.

A recent study from the National Sleep Foundation have shown that more and more women do not have enough sleep during their periods. Sleeping shouldn’t be a chore, but it becomes so when you have your period. Are you curious why this happens? Here are some reasons why you get sleeping problems whenever you have your period:

#1: Hormone Imbalance
It is common for your progesterone levels to drop at the lowest when you have your period. Lack of the hormone can cause insomnia. A simple fix would be to avoid caffeine or other stimulants while you have your period. Caffeine can worsen your situation by making youmore alert and making you feel less sleepy even at the wee hours of the night.

#2: So Many Emotions
Being too emotional when you have periods is common. However, one thing you do not know about being emotional is that it can also affect the quality of sleep you will be getting. When you are anxious and depressed, you may toss and turn all night and you may find it hard to fall asleep.You can try meditating to help you fall asleep better. It is also recommended that you relax first before your head hits the pillow.

#3: Discomfort and Pain
If you suffer from headaches and cramps, you may not get too comfortable and you may find it hard to sleep at night. The only way out is to know the sleeping position which is comfortable enough for you to help you sleep. You can also add pillows, take painkillers, or use heating pads.

#4: Unusual Cravings
Your stomach can also be a factor why you find it hard to sleep at night. The only remedy for this is to avoid your unhealthy cravings before bedtime. Sure, they can be very tempting, but they can make catching zzzz’s harder for you.

The pains of menstruation are felt by many women in the world. However, you should not be deprived of your much-needed sleep because of the negative effects it can give to your body. Always remember to stay positive for you to feel better even when you have your period. Avoid unhealthy food choices and be active. This way, you will be able to effectively eliminate the pains associated with your monthly period.

Source: Steth News

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