Ginger Roots Kills Ovarian and Prostate Cancer Cells Better Than Chemo!

A research from the University of Michigan linked ginger roots to degeneration of ovarian cells more than chemo therapy and with zero toxicity.

Among all major medical drugs, ginger is the most natural application in the treatment of inflammation and nausea. However, the results of the studies of American Association for Cancer Research have proven that ginger root also has other healing powers. The cancer cells were destroyed in all treatments where ginger powder was used.

When a cell dies as a normal or controlled part of growth and development, this is called apoptosis. With the use of ginger, however, the cancer cells don't simple die, they appear to attack one another, and this is called autophagy.

Ginger is considered a natural remedy for those who are undergoing chemotherapy, but can also be used in larger amounts and as a cure for cancer of its own accord.

One study shows that the use of dietary agents, such as ginger, has the potential to prevent and fight ovarian cancer.

Other research shows that ginger is able to deal with prostate cancer. The British Journal of Nutrition published results from American studies that show that ginger extract (zingiber officinal) destroys the prostate cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells intact. Ginger extract reduces prostate tumor size for incredible 56%.

The benefits of ginger are great. He has no toxic effects if consumed in high doses (similar as high doses of Vitamin C) and causes no side effects as chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The American Cancer Society recognizes the growth of this disease over the last years, which is amazing 15%. Treatment with ginger is recommended for all patients with ovarian and prostate cancer.

Source: Medical News Today | Health & Love Page

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