Had a Recent Breakup? Rejected? Taken For Granted? Here are the Top 10 Foods That Heal a Broken Heart!

You need no medical experts or scientists to know that breakups can be very draining emotionally, mentally and physically. On top of that, there's also an equally taxing effect to one's health. As a matter of fact, some sour breakups and unhealthy relationships cause anxiety and depression.

It is thus imperative to eat the right foods during such low phase of our lives. It doesn't mean you'd forget your past right after eating these foods. Indirectly though, these foods will keep you healthy and will boost your mood.

A healthy body can help in maintaining a healthy mindset. When your body and mind are stable, the ups and downs of life can be effortlessly handled.

Top 10 Foods That Heal a Broken Heart

#1: Dark Chocolate
Chocolate is among the best foods that help a broken heart. We all know that dark chocolate can surely boost the mood instantly. Pamper yourself with one after a breakup but don't get addicted to it.

#2: Nuts
Just like fish, even nuts contain omega 3 fatty acids. They also provide proteins and minerals too. They help your body deal with the emotional pain.

#3: Fish
Fish is one of the foods that mend a broken heart. A recent study claims that those who eat fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids will be able to cope up with depression. Also, the vitamins in fish help your body produce feel good hormones.

#4: Fruits
The potassium content in fruits is helpful in such a low phase of your life. Pomegranates, kiwis, avocados and bananas do a good job in keeping you fine.

#5: Veggies
Research says that eating raw foods makes your body feel energetic and positive for various reasons. Raw foods can save a lot of energy. Try to start your day with a salad even though you consume cooked foods for lunch and dinner.

#6: Onions
Onions also contain sulphur. Apart from healing inflammation and regulating the blood sugar, onions can also boost your mood and make you feel better.

#7: Ginger
The excessive calcium deposits in your body can be dissolved with the help of sulphur. Eating ginger does exactly that. Your energy levels get a boost.

#8: Garlic
Garlic helps your heart in many ways. Also, it contains sulphur which is important for your body during a low phase. Consume a raw garlic along with water every morning.

#9: Cayenne Pepper
Do you know that this is among the best detoxifying foods? Well, when you are healing yourself after a break up, try detoxifying as it helps you feel clean and de-cluttered.

#10: Leafy Greens
The best thing about the green vegetables is that they are full of chlorophyll. They contain magnesium too. Remember that both your brain and heart need this mineral to function well. In fact, leafy greens are said to minimize blood pressure, muscle aches, stress, anxiety and even depression.

Source: Bold Sky

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