How To Detect If You Have A Brain Aneurysm Before It Ruptures

Aneurysm is a weakness in the wall of one of your brain's blood vessels. It allows the wall of the vessel to push outward, forming a bulge. 

This bulge can rupture, that will allow blood to leak out into the surrounding brain tissue.

Unfortunately, many people who has it has no idea that they have it. While many cases of aneurysm don't rupture, awareness that you have one is still an edge to prevent the worse case scenario.

Some patients may suffer very small leaks in the days or weeks leading up to a major rupture. But even small amounts of blood are "very irritating" to your brain. The leaked blood increases the pressure inside your cranium. 

Also, leaks or ruptures divert blood from brain regions and tissues that require a steady supply.

Both the pressure and the lack of sufficient blood caused by a ruptured aneurysm can lead quickly to unconsciousness and death. 

Apparently, 30%- 50% sufferers will die as soon as an aneurysm ruptures.

The most common symptom is the worst headache of your life. It could be accompanied by the neck stiffness, face tingling, and light sensitivity. Some people also report hearing a gunshot or boom when their rupture occurs.

Seizures, a feeling of weakness in the limbs, blurry or double vision, and extreme tiredness are all associated symptoms.

Your brain is a sensitive organ. Even if a person initially survives and receives treatment, about a third of patients die, and another third have some kind of lasting impairment. But the last third "return to their normal level of functioning.

Source: Prevention
Image: Medscape 

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