How to Heal Ingrown Toenail at Home!

Ingrown toenail is a common condition where the toenail grows into the skin instead of over it. It can be very painful and can cause infection when not treated.

The conventional method for removing ingrown toenail includes surgical performance. However, you can avoid surgery if you treat this on time, when there are no complications.

This homemade treatment can effectively help you get rid of ingrown toenail without irritating the surrounding tissue around the nail.

Here is the procedure:

Prepare a hot bath. In 5l of water dissolve 2-3 tablespoons baking soda and a pinch of salt. The water temperature should not be higher than 37 degrees. Steam your legs for 20 minutes. Then, try to separate the nail from the growth tissue. To ease pain, take plaster and surround the toenail with it. In this way the nail will be more accessible. Take one small stick or some other suitable object and slowly lift the edge of the nail, try to put gauze or piece of cotton between the nail and the soft tissue. Don’t forget to soak the gauze or the cotton in iodine or other antibacterial solution. Place another gauze or piece of cotton on the nail, also previously disinfected, and wrap your toenail with a bandage. Allow it to act for 24 h and then repeat the procedure with replacing the gauze and bandages with new ones.

Repeat the procedure 12-14 days.

The nails will slowly start rising above the soft flesh and will come out of it. If you are not able to put  gauze or cotton piece in the first days, make sure to grease it with antiseptics such as aloe gel or a mixture of honey and garlic (1 tablespoon honey mixed with one clove grated garlic). Do the procedure at night, and in the morning try to separate the nail.

It is recommended that you regularly do pedicures in the future. Also, in case of inflammation, visit your doctor immediately.

Source: Healthy Food Star

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