How to Remove Nail Polish in 5 Minutes and More Nail Hacks!

Anyone can be stylish and creative with their own nail arts. However, at some point we have to know how to treat and maintain our nails first before we paint on them.

Once you see these hacks you will never want to waste your time going back the old way of doing things. You will be amazed.

1. Nail polish remover
Check out this painless way to remove nail polish for which you will need a cotton ball and some acetone. Tear it into small pieces and put some acetone on your nails. Then place the pieces of cotton ball on the nails and let them stay for 2 minutes. Once you pull the cotton piece, the nail polish will be taken off along with them.

2. Cuticle care
Make this cuticle treatment with olive oil and cocoa butter as the cuticle health is connected to the health of the entire nail.

3. File the nails in the same direction
If you want to avoid nail tears and keep the oval shape file your nails in one direction only. Avoid any metal files. Glass ones are preferable.

4. Do your matte finish by using corn starch
Take a bottle of clear nail polish and add some corn starch, small amounts at a time, until the nail polish gets a milky-white look. Put a layer over the top of any color you want for a beautiful matte finish.

5. Nail art with a Sharpie
Buy a super-fine metallic Sharpie, but take a water-based version. They are available online for a less than $2. You can draw many patterns with it. Once it dries, apply a clear coat on the top and you are ready.

6. Great dotting tool for your nails
Take a thin flathead nail and stick it into a pencil eraser. It will help you make beautiful nail art

7. Angled French manicure
Follow this tutorial to get a perfect Angled French manicure. It looks like it is not hard at all.

8. How to strengthen your nails?
Purchase some gelatin and mix it with hot water. Let it cool down, but do not let it solidify. While warm, dip your nails in, waiting for 2 minutes. Next, wash your hands and moisturize them.

9. Whiter nails
Mix ½ cup of hot water with 4 tbsp. of baking soda in a bowl. Then add 2 tbsp. of peroxide and soak the nails there for 1 minute.

10. Dry the nails super fast
Dip the nails in ice-water, wait 2-3 minutes and you are ready!

Source: Healthy Tips World

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