Instead of Throwing Away Used Coffee Grounds, You Should Put Them in a Frying Pan and Do This

The smell of coffee is the best way to start your day. Once you brew up a pot there is a thing you should do, instead of damping the coffee grounds that have been left in the filter.

You can use these coffee ground leftovers as fertilizer which will attract worms and make your soil best. The grounds are also great for water retention and drainage, thus it will leave the plants happy. Moreover, if you keep coffee grounds in your garden you will control pests as they do not like the aroma it gives off.

The coffee smell makes you happy, and it will make unwanted creatures and pests flee from your place.

But the power of coffee just doesn't stop there. You can also use them in inside the house. Go clean and crafty, and be surprised by this amazing ingredient. A perfect win-win solution for you.
  1. You may also scrub off any stuck food and dirt from your frying pans.
  2. Let it in the sink to get rid of the smell.
  3. Remove the smell of your hands when you chop garlic, just rub them with coffee grounds.
  4. Use coffee grounds to fix up wood scratches. It will make the furniture look new as well.
  5. Put some grounds in a bag and place it over your vents and you r whole house will smell amazing.
  6. Make a coffee candle, just take candle wax, coffee beans and wick.
  7. Use them as a skin exfoliate, rubbing them all over your body for brightening your complexion and reducing the cellulite.

Source: Health Tips World

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