Make Your Tiles Spotless Using These 3 Ingredients

Most bathrooms have tiled floors and walls to make it look neat. However, cleaning them can be a nightmare. Molds and dirt can stick between the tile canals and can cause some discolorations. As a result, we tend to fight them the harsh way, using bleaches and other chemicals. And of course, we couldn't use these chemicals without using any precautions like wearing masks to avoid the acrid vapors and corrosive liquids.

By using this cheap natural recipe, you'll never wear those masks again. You can finally breathe properly and safely while cleaning. Here's what you have to do:

  • Half a cup baking soda
  • One tsp. liquid dish soap
  • A quarter cup hydrogen peroxide

How to Prepare:
Mix the baking soda, dish soap and hydrogen in a small squeeze top bottle. Baking soda will scrub off all the stains and water accumulation in between the tiles and the hydrogen peroxide will whiten and clean them naturally.


Apply the cleaning mix on the grout and tiles which need a deep clean and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. This will dissolve all the dirt and water build up and it will make it easier for you to scrub it away. Or if you don’t have very hard stains just apply the mix on a soft wet sponge you use to clean the tiles and bathroom.

Scrub the areas and rinse with water. If you want a deeper clean repeat the process once more where there is still some dirt or hard water residue.

Once you eliminate all the stains and your grout and tiles look spotless you might want to keep it looking good. If you want to spare yourself from the trouble of scrubbing again there is something you can do. Mix a solution of water and vinegar 1:1 and pour it in a spray bottle next to the shower. Make certain you label it so that you don’t get confused. After you take a shower spray it down with this solution. You don’t have to do it every day, 2-3 times a week will make a lot of difference. You’ll see for yourself when you clean it next time.

Source: Healthy Tips World

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