MUST KNOW: If You are Feeling Pain in A Certain Part of Your Body, Press These Points in the Palm of Your Hands.

Whenever we feel pain, we usually take painkillers to ease it out. But too much dependence to medicine is in the other way, harmful and not advisable.

There are actually techniques in which we can dissipate pain by simply pressing some points in your palm that is apparently connected to different parts of the body.

It was actually the ancient people who started this practice of acupressure and up to this day, is still being practiced because of its effectiveness.

Through this natural technique, we can be able to remove the pain to a certain part of our body by simple application of pressure without having any side effects.

This reflexology technique will only take around 6 seconds, followed by a 3-second pause and another wave of pressure for numerous minutes.

Source: Read and Digest 
Image: New Health Advisor

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