MUST READ: The Appearance Of Your Nail Can Tell If You Have AIDS, Diabetes or Liver Problems

We usually check our nails whenever we need to trim it. For women, usually for aesthetic purposes.

But aside from keeping it clean and short, only few people know that the state of your nails could also indicate whether you're already suffering in an illness or an infection you never know.

Check here if your nails have these indications for awareness:

1. Spoon Nails

If your nails are concave enough that they can hold a drop of water, you may be suffering from a severe case of iron-deficiency anemia or have been exposed to toxic chemicals for an extended period of time.

2. White Nail Plates

This type of nail is mostly seen in people with a serious liver condition. Nails can also appear this way in the elderly. If your nails look like this, you could also be suffering from HIV, a congestive heart issue or a form of diabetes.

3. Nail Clubbing

Nails usually curve at a slight upward angle from their base. If you have nails that severely curve downward, this could indicate that you have a lung disease, a cardiovascular disease, a liver disease or even an HIV infection.

4. White Bands

White parallel bands across your nails may indicate that you're suffering from kidney issues or a liver illness.

5. Horizontal Indentations

This feature is often seen in patients undergoing chemotherapy or people who have had a high fever. If this is not the case, horizontal indentations, otherwise known as Beau's lines, may indicate that you're suffering from a zinc deficiency, diabetes or a vascular problem.

Source: Health Hacks
Image: Nails 

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