MUST READ: Canned Tuna Might be Really Harmful for Your Health; Here are the 8 Reasons Why

We always thought of fish as a healthier source of protein in our meals apart from pork and beef but some fish variety is actually unhealthy for us.

Canned tuna, which is commonly advertised as good for the heart, is actually not good for our well-being.

Here are 8 reasons why you have to refrain from consuming canned tuna:

1. Harmful chemicals

The world's oceans are currently very polluted and full of toxic chemicals that fish consume passively. These chemicals include polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and dioxins, which are carcinogenic substances. These days, they can often be found in the fatty tissue of many kinds of fish.

2. Absorption of heavy metals

Tuna are predators. That means they eat smaller fish, and in the process they end up consuming a lot of heavy metals, e.g. mercury, that have accumulated in the food chain. When humans eat tunafish, they are also eating these metals. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), even tiny amounts of mercury can damage the digestive system, kidneys, skin, nervous system and immune system. Too much mercury can also increase the risk of heart attacks by up to 70% and cause brain damage leading to concentration problems and other cognitive impairments. Although in most cases the concentration of mercury in fish is low enough not to be of concern, there are always exceptions.

3. High sodium content

Canned tunafish is particularly popular with athletes because of its high protein content which is beneficial for muscle growth. But a single can of tunafish can also contain up to 600 mg of sodium, which can cause high blood pressure and even strokes.

4. Ocean pollution

The fishing industry is responsible for a lot of the world's water pollution. The nets, pulleys and numerous other devices on fishing boats are made from plastics and metals which often end up in the water. This pollution is deadly for sea life, especially sea birds which often confuse plastic for food and end up tangled in it or choking on it.

5. Mass fish farming

The demand for fish continually increases worldwide, but at the same time fish populations are constantly decreasing. This situation has led to more fish farming with the farms getting bigger and bigger. On these farms, the tuna are kept in crowded conditions, fattened up, killed and sold.

6. Horrible fishing practices

Tuna are caught in massive nets which results in many of them dying a torturous death as they're crushed together when the net is pulled in. 

Those that make it to the boat still alive are beaten into submission before being thrown into the freezer compartment. Smaller fish that can't put up a fight are usually thrown straight into the freezer and die a slow and painful death as they freeze and suffocate.

7. Tuna fishing kills dolphins

Tuna aren't the only sea creatures that get caught in those huge nets — dolphins, sharks, and many other animals also end up dying a painful death due to tuna fishing.

8. Risk of food poisoning

Eating fish can be dangerous. According to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 75% of all cases of food poisoning worldwide are caused by the consumption of seafood. Here it's important to keep in mind that the freshness and the preparation play a key role in this risk.

Source: Health Hacks
Image: Alibaba |Women's Health

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