MUST READ FOR WOMEN: 20 Early Signs of Cancer You May Always Ignore

However how health conscious women are, there are still changes in their body that they often ignore.

Even the slightest changes could already be a warning sign to serious diseases like cancer
That is why, one must be aware to have such changes consulted, rather than ignored.

 Here are the 20 early signs of cancer that many women usually overlook:

1. Bloating or abdominal weight gain may become Ovarian Cancer.

2. Upset stomach or stomach ache may become Colorectal Cancer.

3. Chronic cough and chest pain may become Leukaemia or Lung Cancer.

4. Swollen lymph nodes or lumps on the neck and underarm or groin may cause any kind of cancer.

5. Red, sore and swollen breast may develop to Breast Cancer.

6. Wheezing and shortness of breath may lead to Lung Cancer.

7.  Pain in the back and in the lower right side may cause Liver Cancer.

8. Pelvic and abdominal pain may cause Ovarian Cancer or Leukaemia.

9. Unexplained weight loss may result to Colon Cancer or even Digestive Cancer.

10. Sores or skin lumps that doesn’t heal which creates crust and bleed easily may become Melanoma or Skin Cancer.

11. Frequent fever and infection may result to Leukaemia.

12. Rectal bleeding or bloody stool may lead to Colorectal Cancer.

13. Swollen features on the may face may result to Lung Cancer.

14.  Nipple changes may cause Breast Cancer.
15. Difficulty in swallowing may develop to Esophageal or Throat Cancer.

16. Unusually heavy and painful periods or bleeding between periods may lead Endometrial or Uterine Cancer.

17. Changes in nails may develop to Liver Cancer.

18. Continues weakness and fatigue may result to any kind of cancer.

19. Feeling of fullness and unable to eat may develop Ovarian Cancer.

20. Excessive bruising and bleeding that doesn’t stop easily may lead to Leukaemia.

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