MUST READ FOR WOMEN: 4 Signs of Ovarian Cancer that You May Have Ignored

Cancer is still the leading cause of death all over the world. Ovarian cancer, on the other side, is one the most common among women.

It starts when cells from the ovaries form tumors which turn to be malignant. Like any other forms of cancer, it is also referred as a “silent killer” for not showing any symptoms.

However, there are signs on which ovarian cancer could be at play:

1. Increased Need to Urinate

When you found yourself going to the toilet more than the usual even without any changes to the liquid that you are taking up, it is most likely that you are having the early symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. A sign which indicates Ovarian Cancer is when you are unable to hold you pee and urgently need to release it.

2. Persistent Bloating

Continuous and repeated bloating that keeps on happening for more than 3 consecutive weeks usually specifies a cancerous tumor growth.

3. Difficulty in Eating

A sudden drop of appetite that goes for more than three consecutive weeks can be a sign of various diseases such as stomach, intestine and bowels issues are very common. Nonetheless, it can be also a sign of cancer that everyone should be aware of. Regularly consult your doctor.

4. Lower and Abdominal Pelvic Pain

Even though menstrual cramps and pain during menstruation is said to be normal, persistent pain which lasts for more than three weeks can be a sign of Ovarian Cancer. Pre-menopausal women should be more careful and pay attention as these symptoms are usually happening for period pain.

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